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From Dr. Karolien Notebaert and Peter Creutzfeldt:

Wie das Gehirn Spitzenleistung bringt.
Mehr Erfolg durch Achtsamkeit – Methoden und Beispiele für den Berufsalltag.

(How the brain reaches peak performance.
More success through mindfulness – methods and examples for daily business life)

The book can be ordered directly from Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch or Amazon.

Do you know how your brain ticks?

Did you know that performance is not about working more? You might have noticed. Less is more! If you are asked to present one of your talents, what makes you not reaching your full potential? Yourself! In fact, performance is about employing your full potential by reducing your internal interferences –simple as that. This is what we call self-regulation.

Did you know that there is a hard core neuroscientifically supported method that allows you to regulate your internal interferences at any time and even reduces them over a longer time period? Besides bringing out the best in you, this method has significant effects on your agility, flexibility in acting and thinking, creativity and happiness.

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You can find the short movies that are associated with book here:

To get an idea of how many thoughts are driving us on daily basis, check this video.

Demonstration of first experiences with mindfulness, the immediate positive effects and the typical challenges:

Demonstration of 'Gibberish', an active form of meditation: