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The style of presenting results from highly complex research projects to an audience which has limited experience in Neuro-Sciences was highly engaging and informative. Karolien Notebaert used a well balanced mix of visual materials, stories and results of experiments which help the audience to understand the key messages and relate to their own work as coaches or HR professionals. (…) She made the workshop a superb learning experience for all who had attended. Out of 8 key speakers and experts Karolien has received the highest ratings in the feedback of all participants.

Bernhard Zimmermann, President of the ICF, Germany

I did not realize that science could be so fascinating and entertaining. The information that I received during her keynote lecture and workshop will forever change the way I teach, coach and mediate in the future.

T.K., Business Coach and Lecturer University Applied Science, Wiesbaden, Germany

Complex knowledge brought in a simple and entertaining way. Karolien Notebaert is a very competent and driven trainer, who makes it possible to directly apply neuroscience and mindfulness.

Vlerick Business School, Belgium

Karolien Notebaert is a professional, who knows what she is talking about, who has a good connection to the audience and who has a gift to find a perfect balance between academic information and humor.

R.S., Expert at Coaching and Personal Development

She has the ability to combine important facts and humor – the perfect way to attract attention from her audience.

D.S., Speaker, coach and TV anchorwoman

Mrs. Karolien Notebaert gave us a deep understanding of her new relevant scientific findings and interpretation of neurosciences which is very valuable for our leadership projects.

B.H., Managing Director for a leadership consulting company, Wiesbaden, Germany

Mrs. Notebaert focus was always on the audience. The workshop was excellent to get much more knowledge from neuroscience in an applied manner...

A.M., Business Coach

It was exciting getting demonstrated the connection between basic research and appliance which certainly inspires me and enriches my work as leadership coach.

C.B., Executive Coach