Mindfulness and the Brain

Mindfulness has become an important part in many businesses as a tool to reach high performance, along with the reduction of burnout and other stress related symptoms and associated company costs. Mindfulness is an important part of many of our trainings as it is supported by every single one of our brain rules that can be derived from our models.

Mindfulness can be applied in two ways. Mindfulness –as known by many people- exists as a meditation practice. Neuroscience has shown that mindfulness meditation impacts the structure and function of the brain, with many positive effects on the mental and physical health. The main effect is the decrease of your amygdala response that is the part of a brain network that sparks stress reactions, and quickly brings us in a state in which decision making and performance is seriously reduced. Controlling such brain responses means controlling behavior that is detrimental for organizational performance.


Besides mindfulness meditation practice, one can also integrate mindfulness in daily life as a way to instantly reach a mental balance, increase focus, creativity and trigger high performance. A number of well-known high-performance companies, such as Google (Search Inside Yourself), Apple, McKinsey & Company and General Mills have already successfully incorporated mindfulness into their company culture.

The transformation of a company culture into a mindful culture is one of our core competencies. Please contact us for more information.

Mindfulness Retreat

In times where we are always online, are required to process an enormous complexity of information and experience the pressure to fulfill 1001 expectations, our brain is overly challenged.

Scientific research has proven mindfulness to be a powerful tool to deal with this complexity. Even more, regularly exercising mindfulness causes crucial changes in our brain that exert a positive effect on our performance, stress resistance, social relationships and physical and mental health. Our mindfulness retreats answer the following questions:

How does my own brain function? Which are my typical behavioral patterns, which are the main drivers of my decisions? How do I apply mindfulness in my daily life and how does this affect my brain? How do I meditate?

Away from the business, mobile, internet and email, you will be challenged to find peace and discover the most interesting creature in your life. Yourself.

We regularly organize mindfulness retreats in Belgium and Germany, both for companies and private persons. These retreats last between 2 and 5 days. Retreats take place in small groups and allow the opportunity for one-to-one coaching sessions.

Please contact us for more information regarding our mindfulness retreats.