Jan 24 2017

How do Unconscious Bias in our brain sabotage diversity?

How do Unconscious Bias in our brain sabotage diversity? This was the interesting topic at the "Alpha and gender diversity conference" where our founder Dr. Karolien Notebaert was invited to give a keynote.

The end of January, the CFA Institute U.K. organized the "Alpha and gender diversity conference", hosted by the London Stock Exchange Group. A program of renowned speakers resulted in a fully booked conference with a great learning atmosphere. Our expert Dr. Karolien Notebaert gave keynote about how our brain sabotages diversity and how we can improve our decision making to embrace diversity.

Are you interested in this topic? Notebaert Consulting organizes events around the central theme "Diversity", with theoretical and practical insights delivered by exceptional speakers, both in English and German. Do you only have time for one keynote? In this area, following keynotes can also be booked separately:

How unconscious bias in our brain sabotages diversity: Self-regulation to embrace diversity. Female Leadership: How to tackle testosterone on the work floor.