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New open seminars!

New open seminars

  • Winter 2017—2018, DEMindfulness Retreat.
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The last few years, we have been part of many exciting events to give an insight into how the brain can give a healthy, sustained high performance. A snapshot of a few of these events can be seen here.

Fresh from the press!

Fresh from the press!
Do you know how your brain ticks?

Together with Peter Creutzfeldt, I wrote a book about the work we are passionate about. A little bit crazy to realize I found the time for this project, but the fact is: I did it. How I managed? By exploiting the natural capacity to regulate myself - a capacity we all possess but seldom develop to high peaks. Besides that, it almost scares me how well I know how my brain ticks. And yours. Take a deep dive.

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Why do you behave the way you do? How can you establish a behavioural change in yourself and your team? Neuroscience provides answers. Through NeuroManagement, we give you a clear understanding of the brain’s functions and rules that need to be considered to initiate and support sustainable behavioural change.

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How do we work?

We provide NeuroManagement trainings, coaching and consulting in four distinct areas: managing yourself, managing others, supporting organisational change and event impulse speeches. In addition to offering a set of well-established programmes, we also provide a custom-tailored premium add-on service to solve specific problems or shed a fresh, new perspective on existing trainings.

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Who are we?

Behind the scenes of One Step Ahead - Notebaert Consulting stands a multidisciplinary team of collaborators, with one foot in neuroscience and one foot in business. We have expertise in behavioural neuroscience, leadership development, change management, and coaching to ensure a high quality service, fit to your needs.

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